Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DOPE Pool House In Connecticut

This structure is located in Wilton, CT and is was completed in 2007 by Hariri & Hariri Architecture. This is a 1200 square feet structure which was designed as a minimalist sculpture. It is part of a 3.5 acre property in Connecticut.

via freshome.com

Kanye's LV Sneaker Collection

I'm feeling the collection COMPLETELY. There are some collections where you don't really feel all the colorways and designs. BUT this one is Rockin' I know you'll feel it too!!

MJ Tributes

TIME Magazine Issue to be releases today is a Tribute to MJ

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It definitely Feels Great to have a weight lifted off of your shoulders. It's like a long awaited gift. In the days leading up to the first level of my National Board exam I was wishing it would come sooner just so it could be over. Now it is OVER and I FEEL GREAT! It's LIKE "I'm Kinda Like a Big Deal!!!" Now Enjoy the Clipse and Kanye in this video....