Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time Flys and then it's October!!!

Man I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month. This is not pure slacking. I have been keeping up just haven't had time to peruse the web and post thing.

So flash back:

Jay-Z dropped his BluePrint 3 on Friday Sept. 11th.

He also had a benefit concert at MSG for Families of EMS and Firefighters. I caught some of it on Fuse... Very Good Concert with lots of Surprise Guests!!!

Kid Cudi Dropped his album as well. I had like 2 weeks to let it sink in. I enjoy it. Its very different and Abstract. Like something you can really mellow out to. I Definitely suggest you check it out.

My birthday passed this month September 15th. I had a good time with good friends. That's all for now though. I will not leave for so long again.

Catch you soon..

Flash Forward:
Upcoming Artist Stalley making a mark on Hip Hop!!

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